CaseLaw Update Updated…….all the news that’s fit to print


Per my promise of last week, here you have it, my friends.  The CaseLaw Updates of 2016 all hanging out in one place for your research pleasure.  Going forward, we will maintain a CaseLaw Update Archives for you to refer back to.

What we have here is as follows:

A January 2017 CaseLaw Update will be posted to roughly coincide with the DSBA Workers’ Comp Section Annual Breakfast Seminar scheduled for January 18, 2017 at the Chase Center at the Riverfront.    If you have not already registered for this event, please consider doing so.  That seminar always proves to be a worthy program with relevant topics.

Moving forward, the blog will be the sole means of distribution and access for any CaseLaw Updates.

And remember, The Detour & Frolic is your blog,  as well as mine.  I am always open to accepting cases for discussion, with or without your commentary.

Cassandra Roberts

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